Interview with Dr.Abdelhakim Baayo on Al-Iqtisadia channel

An interview on the Libyan economic channel, called ¨Al-iqtisadia¨ was held with Dr. Abdul Hakim Baayo, the CEO of Alhammra SL. Company, Spain, that is the subsidiary of Foreign Investments Company of Libya.

Through this interview, Dr.Baayo discussed in details the reasons behind not activating the Contract No. (2007/52) that is signed by both, the Electricity Company and the Alhammra SL Company, via the Audit Bureau.

Moreover in this interview, Dr.Baayo as well illustrated all approvals that were gained for Alhammra SL, from the Electricity Company, the Audit and Control Department, and by the prime minister and the Office of conditional accounting. However, after Alhammra SL has executed all the restraints which has implemented of all the conditions, it has been surprised by stopping the procedure from the Audit Bureau for non-reasonable nor acceptable reasons.