Alhammra at MWC18 – Changing Perspectives on Libya

Alhammra at MWC18 – Changing Perspectives on Libya

Sana Elmansouri – Director of Foreign Relations




The Alhammra company’s primary concern for the last 7 years has been the economical standing of Libya. Foreign companies have retracted their interests in libya due to its political and economical disharmony.

Mr Abdul Hakim Bayo (CEO – Alhammra company) has gone above and beyond the company’s previous agenda, changing the game plan to bring Alhammra into a new era of expansion.


One of the company’s greatest landmarks has been its presence at the Mobile World Congress 2018. The congress is the largest and most prestigious exhibition of the world’s leading mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers and content owners from across the planet.

Alhammra is proud to be the first company to represent Libya at the conference in its 9 years of running. Delegates were both surprised and impressed to see the Libyan flag at the exhibit. Annual attendance is generally more than 100,000 people.


The Alhammra exhibit was an enormous success. Many participants were able to come and see what Alhammra had to offer the world. Well-established companies were able to see the huge potential of investing in Libya and were able to make successful investment offers including plans for factories and other industrial footprints. One such international company that we are very pleased to be working with is the card manufacturer Abacicard. They have been trading for 35 years mass-producing every type of card including 700 million scratch cards per annum. They have agreed to work with us to bring greater communication capabilities to Libya.



“Our future plan includes building a card factory in Libya to better serve the libyan market and also to export our cards to the surrounding countries and to be a solution provider to the GSM and telecommunications sectors in Libya” – Burak Abaci – CEO Abacicard MWC 2018


Another exciting project is with our partner Rascom Star Orbit and Ground Solutions who we were honoured to offer a platform at the congress. Through our exhibition they were able to represent themselves to more customers. With our collaboration we hope to provide the people of rural areas within the African continent the opportunities of accessing the global community.


“I would like to thank Alhammra for hosting Rascom Star in their very nice exhibition to allow us to meet customers and present our satellite solutions. Thank you Alhammra” – Bruno Henrion – Chief Technical Officer Rascom Star MWC 2018


Due to Libya’s turbulence in the past decade, many potential investors have shied away from what they perceive as risky ventures. Mr Bayo’s primary objective was economic but his secondary and arguably more important one was to improve Libya’s image on the international stage as a trader and investment opportunity. WFor anyone who needs a platform to launch their business, Alhammra is willing and able to provide that bridge to success.The stand constantly received high traffic and plenty of investors who had been tentative previously were able to change their perspective. Throughout the four days of the conference there were over 25 successful meetings made with various investors into the Libyan market.


Images from the Alhammra exhibition Mobile World Congress 2018 – Copyright Alhammra co. all rights reserved


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