Libya Reconstruction & Investment Forum, London

16388017_1212434608806045_5782625966537134349_nMr. Luay Alkerio, Director of the Information Office of International Relations and a former institution Libyan Investment, said that Alhammra Company, a subsidiary of the Libyan-invested enterprises (LAFICO), was one of the most prominent participants in the Libya Investment Forum and reconstruction held in London on 26.1.2017.

Alkerio added that Dr. Abdul Hakim Baayo general manager of Alhammra Company, discussed with the audience the investment opportunities in key sectors such as oil, health and infrastructure, in order to revive the Libyan economy and alleviate the suffering of the Libyan people. Alkerio confirmed that there will be a large role for the Alhammra Company by creating a window of opportunities for all the participants from all over Libya and representatives of the British and international companies to explore joint investment opportunities, and methods of the Security reform and revive the economy.


Alhammra Company Exports Gas Trucks to the Eastern Region

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Libya Al-Mustakbal: Due to the fact of the gas crisis that has been experienced in the eastern region of Libya,  Alhammra Company has exported trucks, to mobilize cooking gas, to the port of Tobruk. And that is, to relieve the suffering of the citizens in all regions of the east. It is worth mentioning that Alhammra Company belongs to the Libyan Foreign Investment Company (the LAFICO) of the Government of reconciliation and doesn´t belong to any administrative body in the eastern region. Dr. Baayo, the chairman of Alhammra Company said: “this procedure is a national duty away from all the political pressure experienced by the country.” Click here