Alhammra has recently implemented a new ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Alhammra has recently implemented a new ISO 9001 Quality Management System


Abdelhamkim Baayo – CEO





On January 2018 our CEO, Mr. Abdelhakim Baayo approved Alhammra’s new Quality Policy, based on ISO 9001 International Quality Standard.


This means that the Company has committed to work under a Quality Management System that fosters internal continuous improvement and to always pursue our Client’s satisfaction.


On the other hand, working under this international standard will give us the opportunity to be certified as an ISO 9001 Company which will make all our present and future Clients to regard us as an even better company to rely on.


More specifically, Alhammra’s Quality Policy consists on the following statement:


Quality Policy

Alhammra Company is a Spanish established international trading company belonging to the Libyan governmental group LAFICO, Libyan Foreign Investment Company with a capital and investments of 10 bn euros.

We firmly believe that the quality of the services we provide is an essential factor for consolidating and expanding our business. For this reason, on a daily basis we seek to obtain the greatest satisfaction of our clients, through the strict compliance of their requirements and by endeavouring to fulfil their expectations.

Our company’s Management has provided us with the necessary human and material resources in order to make this commitment with our clients a reality, in addition to complying with all the legal, regulatory and voluntary requirements applicable to our activities.

To demonstrate to our interested parties our commitment to the above statement, we have implemented a Quality Management System, based on the ISO 9001:2015 Standard, with the following aims:

  • To maintain fluid communications with our clients in order to meet their needs, requirements and expectations, so that we can maximize their satisfaction and fidelity.
  • To make our staff aware of the importance of their role in the organization, and how they contribute to the quality of the services we provide to our clients.
  • To plan and develop our activities in an orderly and rational manner, reducing as much as possible any adverse or unintended
  • To commit ourselves to the continuous improvement of our performance, promptly detecting any errors and correcting them in order to avoid their repetition.
  • To have at all times the necessary means for accomplishing the quality objectives and goals established by the company’s Management.

The Management of the Alhammra Company is committed to always keeping the Quality Management System implemented in our organization operational and updated.



Abdelhakim Baayo

CEO and member of the Management Board.

Madrid, January 1st, 2018.



Alhammra ha implementado recientemente un Sistema de Gestión de Calidad ISO 9001


Abdelhakim Baayo – Director General y miembro del Consejo de Administración





El pasado mes de enero nuestro Director General, el Sr. Abdelhakim Baayo aprobó la nueva Política de Calidad de Alhammra en base a los requisitos de la norma internacional ISO 9001.


Esto significa que la compañía se compromete a trabajar conforme a un Sistema de Gestión de Calidad que contribuya a nuestra mejora y a la búsqueda de la satisfacción de nuestros clientes de forma continua.


Al mismo tiempo, el hecho de trabajar según este estándar internacional nos dará la oportunidad de obtener la certificación ISO 9001 de empresa, lo que hará que nuestros actuales y futuros clientes nos consideren una empresa en la que se puede confiar.


En concreto, la Política de Calidad de Alhammra consiste en la siguiente declaración:


Política de Calidad

Alhammra es una empresa española de comercio internacional perteneciente al grupo gubernamental libio LAFICO, Libyan Foreign Investment Company, cuyo capital e inversiones ascienden a 10 mil millones de euros.

Creemos firmemente que la calidad de los servicios que prestamos es un factor fundamental para consolidar y ampliar nuestros negocios. Por ese motivo, buscamos a diario obtener la máxima satisfacción de nuestros clientes, a través del estricto cumplimiento de sus requisitos y tratando de colmar siempre sus expectativas.

La Dirección de nuestra compañía nos ha proporcionado los recursos humanos y materiales necesarios para que podamos hacer realidad ese compromiso con nuestros clientes, además de para dar cumplimiento a todos los requisitos legales, reglamentarios y voluntarios que nos aplican por nuestras actividades.

Para demostrar a nuestras partes interesadas nuestro compromiso con todo lo anterior, hemos implementado un Sistema de Gestión de Calidad, basado en la Norma UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, con los siguientes fines:

  • Mantener con nuestros clientes una comunicación fluida para atender sus necesidades, requisitos y expectativas, de forma que logremos maximizar su satisfacción y fidelidad.
  • Concienciar a nuestro personal de la importancia de su papel en la organización, y de cómo contribuyen a la calidad de los servicios que prestamos a nuestros clientes.
  • Planificar y desarrollar nuestras actividades de manera ordenada y racional, disminuyendo en lo posible las situaciones adversas no deseadas.
  • Comprometernos con la mejora continua del desempeño de nuestras actividades, detectando los errores de forma temprana y corrigiéndolos de forma que evitemos que se repitan.
  • Contar en todo momento con los medios necesarios para alcanzar los objetivos y metas de calidad que establezca la Dirección de la compañía.

La Dirección de Alhammra se compromete a mantener siempre operativo y actualizado este Sistema de Gestión de Calidad implantado en nuestra organización.



Abdelhakim Baayo

Director General y miembro del Consejo de Administración


Madrid, 1 de enero de 2018.






Alhammra at MWC18 – Changing Perspectives on Libya

Alhammra at MWC18 – Changing Perspectives on Libya

Sana Elmansouri – Director of Foreign Relations




The Alhammra company’s primary concern for the last 7 years has been the economical standing of Libya. Foreign companies have retracted their interests in libya due to its political and economical disharmony.

Mr Abdul Hakim Bayo (CEO – Alhammra company) has gone above and beyond the company’s previous agenda, changing the game plan to bring Alhammra into a new era of expansion.


One of the company’s greatest landmarks has been its presence at the Mobile World Congress 2018. The congress is the largest and most prestigious exhibition of the world’s leading mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers and content owners from across the planet.

Alhammra is proud to be the first company to represent Libya at the conference in its 9 years of running. Delegates were both surprised and impressed to see the Libyan flag at the exhibit. Annual attendance is generally more than 100,000 people.


The Alhammra exhibit was an enormous success. Many participants were able to come and see what Alhammra had to offer the world. Well-established companies were able to see the huge potential of investing in Libya and were able to make successful investment offers including plans for factories and other industrial footprints. One such international company that we are very pleased to be working with is the card manufacturer Abacicard. They have been trading for 35 years mass-producing every type of card including 700 million scratch cards per annum. They have agreed to work with us to bring greater communication capabilities to Libya.



“Our future plan includes building a card factory in Libya to better serve the libyan market and also to export our cards to the surrounding countries and to be a solution provider to the GSM and telecommunications sectors in Libya” – Burak Abaci – CEO Abacicard MWC 2018


Another exciting project is with our partner Rascom Star Orbit and Ground Solutions who we were honoured to offer a platform at the congress. Through our exhibition they were able to represent themselves to more customers. With our collaboration we hope to provide the people of rural areas within the African continent the opportunities of accessing the global community.


“I would like to thank Alhammra for hosting Rascom Star in their very nice exhibition to allow us to meet customers and present our satellite solutions. Thank you Alhammra” – Bruno Henrion – Chief Technical Officer Rascom Star MWC 2018


Due to Libya’s turbulence in the past decade, many potential investors have shied away from what they perceive as risky ventures. Mr Bayo’s primary objective was economic but his secondary and arguably more important one was to improve Libya’s image on the international stage as a trader and investment opportunity. WFor anyone who needs a platform to launch their business, Alhammra is willing and able to provide that bridge to success.The stand constantly received high traffic and plenty of investors who had been tentative previously were able to change their perspective. Throughout the four days of the conference there were over 25 successful meetings made with various investors into the Libyan market.


Images from the Alhammra exhibition Mobile World Congress 2018 – Copyright Alhammra co. all rights reserved


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  2. Peter Clarke, EE Times. “Barcelona selected to host MWC through 2018”



This year on the 26th February, Alhammra will be taking part in the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. For the first time in the history of the Libyan Foreign Investment Company, Alhamra will be approaching investment at a different angle, branching out via the worldwide communications sector. Involving Libya in effective and beneficial projects such as building satellites and producing bank and internet cards. Projects that will improve and boost the economy and trade links in Libya and therefore its relationship with the international community.

The GSMA Mobile World Congress is the world’s biggest exhibition for the mobile industry. It also acts as a large convention for leading executives representing mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners from around the world. Alhammra representatives will be present on the 26th answering questions and providing information on upcoming projects and the history of the company, including its ability to maintain solidity and reliability throughout the revolution. Despite the difficulties and lack of stability in the country, Alhammra has always prioritised the needs of its customers and the Libyan economy.

Director of Alhammra at Notebooks for Peace from Libya to Granada

“A top concern for us as a Libyan investment company, is that we don’t just invest economically, we invest in people. We invest in human relationships. Libyan artists abroad are a huge priority especially if they are working towards spreading peace, and this exhibition sends a very clear and special message to the world that Libya is a caller for peace. I am here to support Libyan Artist Matug Abourawi as he shows his wonderful work on the event in Granada, to help correct the the false information and the propaganda that a certain TV channel was spreading to mislead public opinion, claiming slavery in libya.”



Status of Investments abroad

Baio explained that the word “investment” is a loose term because the Libyan Investment Corporation is fully affiliated to it. There are internal and external entities. It is divided into five external entities. The investment institution is followed by hundreds of investment companies distributed throughout the world. “We have no time to lose in opening problems, because time is valuable to us, and it is precious to us,” he said.  “We always try to exploit it. This is the nature of the officials who run the Libyan Investment Company. The company is run by Libyan competencies and expertise with a future investment vision as well as wise and rational management of the country.”

Baio stressed that their company is the only one that does not have any administrative division and a budget approved and closed accounts organized by international accounting firms, including the company “Dolat”. He wants to reassure Libyans that investing in the Foreign Investment Company is safe. It is a profitable company and has made profits in exceptional circumstances.

The Nature of The Company’s Work

“We have been involved in solving some of the bottlenecks that the country is going through. We supplied cooking gas to the Eastern and Western regions, we have also provided humanitarian assistance. We were also able to bring in raw materials needed for the electricity sector to reduce the problem of power outages. Our company achieved profits for the years 2015/2016 despite all the conditions experienced by the homeland.  Yes, we have problems with the policies of the President of the Court of Audit / Tripoli. The actions of the President of the Court of Audit – Tripoli, acts that are not decisions of the jurisdiction of the Court of Accountability nor its powers, decisions of bad intent. decisions made without any right or reasons, that put us in utter confusion and affected the lives of every  citizen in the street by causeing issues like the electricity crisis and the crisis of lack of liquidity and a complete paralysis of economic movement in the country.” 

The Financial Crisis in The Country

He added that the situation in Libya is particularly bad because of the policies of the Justice and Building Party, which controls everything including the Audit Bureau, so that it can destroy not only the economy and trade, but also the local economy that affects the lives of citizens. Because of this the trader lost confidence in the state causing more than 80% of the traders in Libya to take their business abroad. Khaled Shakshk Chief of the Court of Audit Bureau equalised the fair, honest national traders and the exploitative thiefs who use fictitious bank credits. Instead of performing his role correctly he made it diffiucult for those working honestly in the trade, making unfair decisions that effected the traders and  publishing a list of their names, risking their lives and allowing them to be targeted for kidnapping and extortion by the militias.  As a result traders lose faith in, and remove all their money from the banks. 

Causes of the Crisis

He revealed that Libya does not have a money crises. We have a crisises of managment. Managment run by incompetent, inexperienced, unpatriotic people, who do not care for the wellbeing of their country or its people. Libya has money. “There is currently 27 billion Libyan dinars outside of banks, because the head of the Audit Bureau is responsible for the financial crisis today in Libya.”                                    

Role of the Audit Bureau: Tripoli (West) and Albyda (East)   

“Our company is Libyan, as such we care about the interests of the country first and foremost”.  As far as Mr Baio is concerened, the Libyan parliament is the legitimate authority in Libya. This parliament dismissed Khalid Shakshak as head of the Audit Bureau, and has commissioned a legal office in the Eastern Region. “We now have two institutes, one in the East and one in the West both attempting to function as the legitimate authority. This is the cause of the major economical issues in Libya.” 

Trading Business Activity

overhead-lines  conductors substation-conductors    

Sales and trading is one of the key functions of the investments of the company. Alhammra has important investmpower-transformerents and projects throughout the world and is continuously looking for new business ventures. One of the main business activities for Alhammra Company is trading, we have supplied goods to the General Electricity Company of Libya including power transformers, equipment for power stations, overhead lines materials, conductors, and more of different products.  We are always eager to develop new trading partners in the  International Trade Market.



Supply of LPG Cylinders for Libyan Citizens

a64cd6878b28389067b714fcA contract was signed by a member of the Board of Directors and Director General with the Chairman of the Management Committee of the company Brega Oil Marketing and so for the supply of 200,000 discs, that is worth 9.9 million Libyan dinars. The entire quantity of discs has been supplied and delivered to the stores, and then were awarded to citizens which is in accordance with international standards.

Libya Reconstruction & Investment Forum, London

16388017_1212434608806045_5782625966537134349_nMr. Luay Alkerio, Director of the Information Office of International Relations and a former institution Libyan Investment, said that Alhammra Company, a subsidiary of the Libyan-invested enterprises (LAFICO), was one of the most prominent participants in the Libya Investment Forum and reconstruction held in London on 26.1.2017.

Alkerio added that Dr. Abdul Hakim Baayo general manager of Alhammra Company, discussed with the audience the investment opportunities in key sectors such as oil, health and infrastructure, in order to revive the Libyan economy and alleviate the suffering of the Libyan people. Alkerio confirmed that there will be a large role for the Alhammra Company by creating a window of opportunities for all the participants from all over Libya and representatives of the British and international companies to explore joint investment opportunities, and methods of the Security reform and revive the economy.


Alhammra Company Exports Gas Trucks to the Eastern Region

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Libya Al-Mustakbal: Due to the fact of the gas crisis that has been experienced in the eastern region of Libya,  Alhammra Company has exported trucks, to mobilize cooking gas, to the port of Tobruk. And that is, to relieve the suffering of the citizens in all regions of the east. It is worth mentioning that Alhammra Company belongs to the Libyan Foreign Investment Company (the LAFICO) of the Government of reconciliation and doesn´t belong to any administrative body in the eastern region. Dr. Baayo, the chairman of Alhammra Company said: “this procedure is a national duty away from all the political pressure experienced by the country.” Click here