We are a Spanish established trading company belonging to the Libyan government group LAFICO, Libyan Foreign Investment Company with a capital and investment more than of 10 billion EURO.

The group have important investments and projects throughout the world and is continuously looking for new business ventures. Focused on many countries around the world and is diversified in many sectors, such as holding companies, real estate companies, agriculture, tourism, mining and services, with investments in over 30 countries around the world.

Active in Spain since 1984 executing important projects and trading operations in EMEA through the various companies belonging to the group. Joint Venture agreements with prestigious companies within trade, industrial, economy and tourism sectors.

2 billion Libyan Dinars
Group LAFICO’s capital

Over 30 countries
around the world

In Spain since 1984
executing important projects

We have in the last years supplied goods and services for more than 150 million Euros.

Our business philosophy is based on our clients full confidence, in the quality of our services, and in our commitment to identify the best investments and business opportunities that guarantees a solid progress to strengthen the economy level of the Libyan State.

We are always eager to develop new trading partners, while continuing to maintain the valuable relationship we have already established in International trade markets.

We are a solution based organisation whose business is built on our trading partner´s continued trust and support.




Av. De Burgos 114, 2º-1. 28050 Madrid.

(+34) 917 379 038
Fax: (+34) 913 845 614